R&D Services

Consulting & Implementation Services

With more than 20 years of experience, we can offer technological consulting and strategic support in the fields of agronomy, veterinary medicine, environment, agro energy, and agri-food industry. Our professional technical team has extensive experience in financing and managing R&D&I projects in agricultural and industrial sectors. We are here to help you successfully convert your innovative ideas into reality.

Setting Up Tissue Culture Lab

We would help you set up your own tissue culture laboratory and teach you GET’s in vitro micropropagation technique so you can achieve the most and best at the lowest cost. Our tissue culture technique has the following advantages:

· Shorter production, growth, and harvest cycle.

· More tolerance to difficult climate situation (drought, salinity, and such).

· Higher resistance to nematodes

· Higher yield and quality.

· Homogenous plants and pathogen-free and healthy products

· Lower costs and higher profitablity.

· More sustainability.

R&D Services

We assist you all through the way from formulating the idea up to realizing it:

· Diagnostic services to evaluate your current performance, find the problems and troubleshoot.

· Analyzing, formulating, and developing ideas.

· Establishing strategic business plan for the R&D&I project.

· Searching and processing of national and international funding and aid.

· Searching for best biotechnological partners.

· Management of contracts with different universities.

Technological & Environmental

We help you with developing new products, launching a new product line, establishing technological diversification, licensing of technologies, installation of new equipment and technologies and conducting employee training courses on how they handle and use the newly introduced technologies.

In vitro culture

Licensing of the technologies related to in vitro propagation technique, technology implementation, technical and strategic support, personnel training, setting up joint venture in countries of interest.

Wastewater treatment

Consultancy and implementation of low-cost urban and industrial wastewater treatment technologies suitable for small industries and urban areas with a population of at most 2000 inhabitants by using plants (Macrophyta, Typha and such) and/ or vertical flow wetlands.


Technology consultancy for sustainable agricultural production, act as distributor and representative of the Spanish companies active in the fields of fertilizer production, phytosanitary, bio stimulants, and agricultural machinery.

Project Management/ Development

Feasibility study of agricultural projects

Agricultural project management and implementation

Providing consultancy for forest plantation management and implementation (fertilization, irrigation and …), choosing the ideal varieties for each project based on edaphoclimatic conditions of the region, project management for olive and almond tree plantation.